Adding NAS folders to Windows 7 libraries

I use a lot of virtual machines - and it's always handy to store files onto the real machine through shared folders. With Windows 7 and the new library feature I thought it would be really cool to add the shares to the Documents Library but found that the underlying system must be running Indexing Server 4.0 -- not an option for my OSX based system! Here's a nice little workaround that lets you add non-indexed folders though: To add a non-indexed UNC as a library to Windows 7 Beta: 1. … [Read more...]

It’s been such a long time.. [WPF + Windows 7]

Update Microsoft has released the API code pack including Windows 7 support -- get it here: Well, it's been a while since I posted anything, I'm sorry! I've been busy working with Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface touch-computing. To that end, I needed to get access to some of the new Windows 7 APIs in managed code ... which isn't supported yet (but is coming). So I built an interop library to access: Scenic Ribbon (native Win32 … [Read more...]