Creating a legacy web service proxy in Visual Studio 2008

If you right click on "References" in a VS2008 project you will find only two options now - "Add Reference" and "Add Service Reference".  The first is for local assemblies, and the second generates WCF-compatible proxies through SVCUTIL.EXE.  This happens to be one of the most obviously changed things in Orcas - the dialog presented is a more professional version than what was supplied with the original WCF CTP for VS.2005: The "Discover" button above can locate IIS-hosted web services (not … [Read more...]

Fixing SVCUTIL.EXE for Orcas Beta 2

Microsoft apparently didn't resign all the tools in the SDK supplied with Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2008.  This is actually documented in the readme that UISpy has this issue, which of course, I didn't read..   SVCUtil.exe also has this problem and it causes any proxy-generation from VS.NET 2008 to fail (as well as killing the client tester process which is spawned for WCF testing).  You'll know you've hit this error when the program crashes with a … [Read more...]