Code Snippets are cool

I've really gotten into using code snippets and the compiler expansions in VSNET 2005 -- it cuts my typing way down and I love it.  I've always thought it odd that VB.NET had a ton more snippets pre-installed than C# (my language of choice).  But Microsoft has rectified that with the release of C# snippets on MSDN ( which includes most, if not all the VB.NET ones but recoded for C#. Now, the hard part will be knowing … [Read more...]

Installing Visual Studio Team Systems

So I spent the better part of a day getting a full Visual Studio Team Systems installation running under VMWare.  In order to get it all to work together on a single server, you have to have a bunch of components: Active Directory, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Office and finally VSTS itself.  The first problem I ran into was just plain ignorance about SharePoint.  I started with a prebuilt W2K3 server image that already had … [Read more...]