Debugging WPF with VS2010

One of the coolest new debugging features included with VS2010 CTP1 is the management of WPF event traces directly in the IDE.  With this feature you can turn specific event traces on and off and have them show up in the debug window.  The default setting is to just show data binding errors - the existing behavior.  But now you can view resource lookups, routed event creation, etc. Here's the dialog: … [Read more...]

Adding ILDasm to VS.NET with a keyboard shortcut

I often show students in my classes how to add ILDasm to their tools menu - it's handy because you can then click on ILDasm and it will open the current module allowing you to look at the manifest, IL, etc. 1. Select Tools | External Tools. You’ll get the tools dialog: 2. Enter ILDASM for the title and set the Command to the path for ILDASM. The path varies a bit from version to version of Visual Studio. For VS2008 you will find it at C:Program FilesMicrosoft … [Read more...]

.NET Framework source debugging

It's finally here! Shawn Burke gives details on how to debug into the .NET framework source code! Here's the post! … [Read more...]

Christmas comes early: Microsoft releases Visual Studio .NET 2008

After a long beta period Microsoft pushed Visual Studio .NET 2008 (code named “Orcas”) out to MSDN in November - keeping their promise to deliver it by the end of the year. We’ve been using Orcas in many of our .NET classes for a while now and I for one, am pretty excited that it’s finally here. There’s a ton of new features and enhancements in this release that makes it almost a no-brainer to upgrade - I thought I’d take a moment and list my top ten favorites in no particular order: #10: WPF … [Read more...]

Organizing your using statements

Another interesting feature I hadn't noticed about VS.NET 2008 is the "Organize Using" command.  It allows you to sort and filter your using blocks on a file-by-file basis.  For large projects that have changed over time I could see how it could be very useful.   … [Read more...]

Fixing SVCUTIL.EXE for Orcas Beta 2

Microsoft apparently didn't resign all the tools in the SDK supplied with Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2008.  This is actually documented in the readme that UISpy has this issue, which of course, I didn't read..   SVCUtil.exe also has this problem and it causes any proxy-generation from VS.NET 2008 to fail (as well as killing the client tester process which is spawned for WCF testing).  You'll know you've hit this error when the program crashes with a … [Read more...]

Playing with VS.NET 2008 ..

I've been playing a bit with VS.NET '08 June CTP lately and noticing several nice improvements - the Cider WPF add-in especially seems to have better integration with the code window.  For example, double clicking on an element now creates the code-behind handler (finally!). The layout support is much better as well - you finally get the drag handles and positioning lines.   The property sheet seems a bit sketchy right now - I see how Blend has certainly influenced it (as the code apparently is … [Read more...]

Creating TFS Work Items programatically

One question I get a lot when teaching the VSTS course is "How can I move tasks or bugs from our existing system into TFS?" The answer is quite simple: write a program that utilizes the Team Systems Object Model. The Object Model is documented partially in the VSIP SDK -- if you intend to work with it, I highly recommend you go and grab that SDK from Microsoft, but here is a simple example of creating a bug in the first Team Project available on the server named TFSServer (you can imagine … [Read more...]

Moving Work Items from one Team Project to another

I was having lunch with an associate a while back and he mentioned a need to move a work item from one team project to another. While there isn't any direct support for this from the Team Explorer interface, I figured it couldn't be too hard to manipulate the underlying database and achieve the results - it's just SQL Server right? I hadn't actually looked at the schema mind you, I'm an optimist. It wasn't quite as simple as I thought - it felt like the database had been designed by the … [Read more...]

Using Excel for VSTS Data Driven Testing

A colleague of mine, Kev Jones, has posted some information on using a detached SQL Server database for driving VSTS unit tests which works great if you need a full blown SQL implementation.  However, if all you want is a simple data feed, you can also use an Excel file, and as it turns out, it's pretty easy to do. Let's start by stealing Kev's sample, hopefully he won't mind -- say I have a starship class with a FirePhotonTorpedo method: public class Enterprise{   private … [Read more...]