Correcting the WPF Themes

I'm a big fan of themes in WPF -- and I think it's great that Microsoft has released a whole set of themes for Silverlight and WPF at However, in using some of those themes, I've run into an annoying bug in the RadioButton template - specifically, the checked state doesn't always show up initially.  Looking at the template, it turns out to be an easy fix.  The "CheckIcon" is set to an opacity of zero initially (so it's not shown) and then a trigger is used to apply … [Read more...]

Using the ImplicitStyleManager with Headered controls

I've been playing with the Silverlight toolkit (released at PDC) this week and ran across a pretty nasty edge case related to HeaderedContentControl and the implicit style manager.  If you create something like this, where the Header is set to a Visual of some kind: <UserControl x:Class="SilverlightPrototype.Page"    xmlns="" … [Read more...]