Creating TFS Work Items programatically

One question I get a lot when teaching the VSTS course is "How can I move tasks or bugs from our existing system into TFS?" The answer is quite simple: write a program that utilizes the Team Systems Object Model. The Object Model is documented partially in the VSIP SDK -- if you intend to work with it, I highly recommend you go and grab that SDK from Microsoft, but here is a simple example of creating a bug in the first Team Project available on the server named TFSServer (you can imagine … [Read more...]

Moving Work Items from one Team Project to another

I was having lunch with an associate a while back and he mentioned a need to move a work item from one team project to another. While there isn't any direct support for this from the Team Explorer interface, I figured it couldn't be too hard to manipulate the underlying database and achieve the results - it's just SQL Server right? I hadn't actually looked at the schema mind you, I'm an optimist. It wasn't quite as simple as I thought - it felt like the database had been designed by the … [Read more...]

Using Excel for VSTS Data Driven Testing

A colleague of mine, Kev Jones, has posted some information on using a detached SQL Server database for driving VSTS unit tests which works great if you need a full blown SQL implementation.  However, if all you want is a simple data feed, you can also use an Excel file, and as it turns out, it's pretty easy to do. Let's start by stealing Kev's sample, hopefully he won't mind -- say I have a starship class with a FirePhotonTorpedo method: public class Enterprise{   private … [Read more...]

Installing Visual Studio Team Systems

So I spent the better part of a day getting a full Visual Studio Team Systems installation running under VMWare.  In order to get it all to work together on a single server, you have to have a bunch of components: Active Directory, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Office and finally VSTS itself.  The first problem I ran into was just plain ignorance about SharePoint.  I started with a prebuilt W2K3 server image that already had … [Read more...]