Debugging the underlying Telephony calls

So, a question was asked "How do I determine what's happening in the TAPI3 wrapper"?  The answer is you turn on the internal trace source -- ITapi3 was built with a build in tracing facility to tell you when it had any underlying interface or COM failures and it's easy to activate.  First, add an Application Configuration File to your project.  Open that file and add the following lines: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" … [Read more...]

New Digit Monitoring Sample available

Matthias Moetje (Tapi MVP) has graciously taken one of the VB6 Platform SDK samples and ported it to the ITapi3 library and allowed me to distribute it in the Tapi3 Wrapper sample set.  It allows you to select an address, place a call on it and then monitor or generate digits.  Great sample - thanks Matthias! … [Read more...]

Managing Media Streams with TAPI 3.0

I got an email question today asking about how to write a .WAV file out to an active call using our TAPI3 wrapper.  It's actually pretty easy to do and it follows along with the normal SDK method used in C++.  Here's the relevant code (for the full example, download the and look at the AutoAttendant sample). First, when a new offering call shows up, get hold of the file playback terminal for it and set it up to play your .WAV files.  We … [Read more...]

Wrapping the TAPI 3.0 API with C++/CLI

New announcement - TAPI3 wrapper for .NET available on our samples page -- Recently, I released the ATAPI.NET project into the wild for people to be able to easily code up .NET applications that utilize TAPI.  That assembly is based on the C API exported from TAPI 2.1 and so uses the older form of TAPI programming.  With Windows 2000, Microsoft released a COM version of TAPI - dubbed TAPI 3.0 that was designed to allow VB developers to access … [Read more...]

ATAPI for .NET 2.0

Ok, ok so it's been a while.  I've been very busy with two tasks -- first, I spent the last few weeks doing a Guerrilla .NET for DevelopMentor with Rich Blewitt.  We had a blast together and it was great to hang out with him.  I also spent a day sitting in on DM's new C++/CLI class being taught by the very capable Marcus Heege - incredible stuff which every C++ guy on the Microsoft platform should get into.. The other thing I've been working with is resurrecting an old … [Read more...]