Building RESTful services with WebApi

Thanks to all of you that came out to see my talk at NDDNUG last night on RESTful WebAPI, it was a lot of fun despite the Entity Framework issues!  Here's the demos and slides we went through … [Read more...]

Demos from the Dallas .NET Users Group

Thanks to all who attended last nights "Parallel Pitfalls" talk - as promised, here are the slides and demos from that talk. DNUG-Demos … [Read more...]

DevWeek slides and samples

Whew!  It was an exhausting but fun week in London where I presented a bunch of Windows 8 material - thanks to everyone who attended!  I had far more sessions than I had prepared for due to a colleague hurting his back (the worst pain ever, I hope you recover soon Dave!) but I hope they were informative even with a decided lack of preparedness.. As promised, here are the slides and samples -- thanks to Dave Wheeler for some of the materials, and thanks to Developmentor for letting me use some … [Read more...]

MBF Training at ASU samples

Here are the samples for the MBF training at Arizona State in September.  Thanks to all who attended - I had a great time with you guys!  Let me know how you end up using MBF in your labs, research or studies! MBF ASU Samples   … [Read more...]

Sample code from WPF / SL Quarterly Review

Thanks to all who attended - here were the demos / samples we built. Happy Coding! demos … [Read more...]

Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) demos from the workshop at Microsoft (3-11-2011)

Thanks to all those who attended the workshop last Friday – as promised, here are the demos we did during the sessions. Good luck to all of you using the MBF platform! … [Read more...]

Demos from the eScience Microsoft Biology Foundation session

Here are the demos from the eScience MBF session (10/11/2010). Demos … [Read more...]

Demos from last weeks WPF class

Thanks to all of you who attended my class last week in Chicago - here are the demos: and here is that final presentation which was not in the books: The password for both is your company name in lower case. … [Read more...]

Demos from Silverlight 2 class this week

Here are the demos for the guys who attended the 2-day binding + network Silverlight2 training in Boston.  Thanks guys! … [Read more...]

GNET demos from LA

Thanks to all who attended - it was great to meet all of you and hang out until the wee hours and play Rock Band!  Here are the demos from the class - I removed most of the binaries to bring it down to a reasonable size.I also put the pictures online at FlickrThanks again everyone! … [Read more...]