Migrating Blog

I am migrating my blog over to WordPress - dasBlog has been pretty unstable lately, and there are no updates or active work on that project so it's time.  I apologize for the poor appearance, migrating the existing posts was not trivial and I will be going back through them to get them to display properly in the next week or so.. thanks for your patience! … [Read more...]

Make plans to attend the Silverlight Firestarter Event!

If you want to know what the future of Silverlight holds, make sure to attend the Firestarter event - coming December 2nd, 2010 streaming LIVE from Redmond. http://www.silverlight.net/news/events/firestarter/ … [Read more...]

Adding NAS folders to Windows 7 libraries

I use a lot of virtual machines - and it's always handy to store files onto the real machine through shared folders. With Windows 7 and the new library feature I thought it would be really cool to add the shares to the Documents Library but found that the underlying system must be running Indexing Server 4.0 -- not an option for my OSX based system! Here's a nice little workaround that lets you add non-indexed folders though: To add a non-indexed UNC as a library to Windows 7 Beta: 1. … [Read more...]

It appears I am bent on world domination.. who would have thought?

According to the super villain quiz I am Lex Luthor A brilliant businessman on a quest for world domination and the self-proclaimed greatest criminal mind of our time! Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test … [Read more...]

Living in an OS X world

A DM colleague of mine, Neils Berglund noted his required applications under OS X and asked for feedback on what everyone else is using (assuming you are on OS X anyway). The original question was what RSS reader are you using.. my preference is NetNewsWire as I was used to the Newsgator line of products when using Windows all the time so it made an easy transition for me. I also use MarsEdit to update posts on this blog -- it's not WYSIWYG but it keeps my HTML skills (if I ever had any) from … [Read more...]

Cheating on my computer..

I feel like I've committed adultery.. I've gone and purchased a Mac-Mini.    I pushed my wife to get into email and the Internet.  She's not really into technology or computers; she'd much rather have a conversation with someone or meet face to face than to use email as a communication tool.  I kept espousing the value of email, how easy it is to keep in touch, how quick it is, how you can search for things on the Internet.  She finally bit the bullet and started using Windows XP on an … [Read more...]

Installing Visual Studio Team Systems

So I spent the better part of a day getting a full Visual Studio Team Systems installation running under VMWare.  In order to get it all to work together on a single server, you have to have a bunch of components: Active Directory, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Office and finally VSTS itself.  The first problem I ran into was just plain ignorance about SharePoint.  I started with a prebuilt W2K3 server image that already had … [Read more...]

Welcome to my Blog

I'm Mark Smith (yeah right!), and I work in the Microsoft .NET and Telephony space.  I do consulting in the Dallas Texas area and also teach for DevelopMentor. … [Read more...]