GNET demos from LA

Thanks to all who attended - it was great to meet all of you and hang out until the wee hours and play Rock Band!  Here are the demos from the class - I removed most of the binaries to bring it down to a reasonable size.I also put the pictures online at FlickrThanks again everyone! … [Read more...]

Demos from Guerrilla .NET

Thanks to all who attended the Guerrilla .NET event in Boston last week. Speaking as one of the instructors, it was a blast to get to know each of you! As promised, here are the demos -- ping me using email if you have any questions! … [Read more...]

Guerrilla .NET Tampa samples

Thanks to all those who attended the GNET in Tampa last week. We had a blast with all of you and wish you the best of luck going back and using all the cool tricks and technologies we showed you! As promised, here are the demos we build during the week - Demos. Enjoy! … [Read more...]