rCAT 2.0 is online, 3.0 is coming

The main project I’ve been working on the past few months has been a rRNA sequencing application.  It’s a joint project involving Microsoft Research and the University of Texas in Austin.  The goal being to produce lightning fast visualizations (nucleotide, 2D and 3D) with very large (100,000 sequence) data sets on WPF.  It’s been a big learning experience for me in many ways because the traditional mechanisms for dealing with things in WPF just flat out fail when we load big … [Read more...]

MVVM Helpers Project Template

To start off this new series, I have created a MVVM Helpers project template - this is a Visual Studio 2008 template which will create the starter project I will be using as an example. It shows off the primary usage of the MVVM library and has directories and references to required assemblies already established so it's a nice starting point for any MVVM WPF app using the helpers. Download it from here and copy the zip file into your template directory. As an example, if your user name was … [Read more...]

MVVM Helpers 1.05

With this post I am starting a new series - I hope to be more consistent in posting at least once or twice a week. To that end, I am going to focus on the WPF/MVVM helper library I use daily. I released an earlier version of it onto the web and have gotten a lot of comments which has been great, so I am releasing the latest version which has a lot of changes. So, without further ado, here's the code for you to download and play with, this compiles with Visual Studio 2008 SP1, or with Visual … [Read more...]

MVVM Helpers v1.03

I just put the latest version of the MVVM helpers online - mvvmhelpers.zip There's a bunch of new stuff in it - check the release notes for the highlights.  There's a set of breaking changes in it as well, specifically I've moved several of the attached behaviors into the new Blend model.  Originally in my local version I did it to the JulMar.Wpf.Helpers.dll and got a dependency against System.Windows.Interactivity.dll. I decided that for this release I didn't want to force that … [Read more...]

rCAT 1.0 beta is online

A project I've been working on for the last two months is finally online in beta form - check out http://rcat.codeplex.com/ It's essentially a biological alignment viewer for RNA sequences.  Here's a couple of screen shots: Alignment Viewer 2D Structure Viewer 2D Circle relationship Viewer You can download the source code from the above link to play with it - it's a MVVM implementation and has quite a bit of interesting optimizations in it for performance purposes, including a read-only … [Read more...]

ATAPI assembly updated!

It's been a while since I updated the ATAPI assembly, I've fixed a couple of minor bugs that were reported and updated the samples to compile with VS2008.  I've also added two new events onto the TapiPhone class so you can see state changes and button presses - somehow I missed that when I added the phone support. Finally, there's now online documentation available at http://julmar.com/atapi_help/index.aspx You can download the updated assembly, help file and samples from … [Read more...]

TSP++ 3.0 is now free!

Sales of the TSP++ products have steadily fallen over the past 5 years, so much so that I decided two years ago to release the 2.x product into the open-source community, and now I am doing the same for the server edition.  The download is available here and requires a key to install it - use  J35M-3KXo-q60T which will let you install the full product.  Documentation and samples are all part of the image so have fun! … [Read more...]

New Version of ATAPI.NET available

I've updated ATAPI.NET in the samples page http://julmar.com/samples/atapinet.zip with several fixes and support for conferences, full transfers and phone support. I think almost everything is now wrapped - if you find any missing functions that you want/need ping me and I'll see what I can do. … [Read more...]

ATAPI.NET updated for VB.NET

Minor, but breaking update for ATAPI.NET (version number has changed).  It was pointed out to me that the assembly wasn't very VB.NET friendly in that it didn't show any events at the TapiManager level and you couldn't use the UI to hook it all up.  That's fixed and all the line-level events are also exposed at the TapiManager level for those who want to use VB.NET with the 2.0 wrapper.   … [Read more...]

ITAPI3 update posted

I have updated ITAPI3 to fix a couple of reported bugs -- the TE_FILETERMINAL event wasn't always being raised and the TCall.GenerateCustomTone didn't work properly.  Both of these issues are fixed in the latest drop.  Enjoy! … [Read more...]